How to export conf.xml to USB on a broken pfSense machine?

  • Since my pfSense machine seems to be completely broken after the last update, I would like to extract the config.xml file.
    The problem is, that the machine's networking is completely dead. I can't connect to the web gui, I can't ssh into it, I can't ping it and I can't ping anything from the machine either.

    I can still use the terminal though and /cf/conf/config.xml does still exist. Now my question is, how can I mount a USB stick and copy the configuration file over to it. And is there anything special I need to do with the USB stick, like formatting?

  • You can stick in a fat32 formatted usb stick. You should see messages about the device on the console- usually it's da0.
    Mount the stick, then copy the config over. Then you can restore the config later.
    mount_msdosfs /dev/da0s1 /mnt
    cp /cf/conf/config.xml /mnt/

  • It worked, thank you. Sorry for the late reply.

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