How create rule that uses a Destination IP of 179.142.X.X where X is any?

  • Looking at my rules on the Lan tab, I see I can set the Destination to Match "Network"

    The docs say: Network - Select this and enter a network and mask (, aa:bb:cc:dd::0/64)

    However in their examble I am not sure I understand if that means it is going to match all IPS that start with 10.99. , or if it means something else. trying to read about network masks on google is only confusing me more.

    Can anyone help me out

    I want the rule to match when the destination IP is 179.142.X.X  where X can be any Number.  (traffic going from my local network out to the internet trying to reach 179.142.X.X )

    for that matter, I would also like to know how to do it when the  destination IP is 179.142.15.X  with X being any number.

  • 179.142.X.X =
    179.142.15.X =

    If you're unsure use a CIDR calculator like