BIND package and SRV records - no weighting, priority or service port - BUG?

  • Hi All,

    Running pfSense v2.4 Community with BIND package 9.11_8.

    I am creating a lab environment when pfSense is acting a DNS server for a couple of zones. The zones need to be able to resolve normal 'A' records as well as SRV records. As part of the BIND package, you have the option to add an SRV records in the "Zone Domain Records" section, however, there is no option to add Weighting, Priority, or Service Port (the priority field only seems to be active for MX records). As such, if you add an SRV record here you end up with the following BIND configuration:

    _myservice._tcp  IN SRV

    Which actually is incorrect and results in the entire zone failing to provided a DNS resolution, even for 'A' records that are OK.

    The BIND configuration should look more like:

    _myservice._tcp  IN SRV    0 100 443

    Where Priority = 0, Weighting = 100, and Service Port = 443

    This looks like a BUG to me.

    You can add a "Custom Zone Domain Record" using the text syntax above, however, I would expect that if the option exists to add SRV records via the GUI, it should work and not break stuff.



  • Use Custom Zone Domain records, for SRV!

    _sipfederationtls._tcp IN SRV 100 1 5061

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