Upgrade Problem

  • Hi

    I have just taken over responsibility for our firewall. It is running pfsense 1.0.1 and I would like to upgrade …. as easily as possible!!.

    The Upgrade Guide states "Alternatively, the console upgrade mechanism is preferred by many users. Enable SSH on the Advanced page, SSH into your pfSense install, and choose the console upgrade menu option. It's easiest to paste the URL of the update file location there. The system then automatically downloads and installs the specified update, including verification of the md5. "

    This sounds good to me but unfortunately, when I go to the console, there doesn't appear to be any upgrade meny.

    Any suggestions as to where I go from here?

  • If this is an embedded install you will have to reflash.

    Just backup the config, flash the CF, and restore the config.

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