Virtual IP on Subnets

  • Hello Community,
    I have set up my local Network with PFSense successfully. Here a short description:
    Subnet VLAN1, - Smart-Home Devices, etc
    Subnet VLAN2, – PCs
    Subnet VLAN10, - WLAN
    Subnet VLAN100, – Server

    All is working fine and without any huge Problems.
    I have a Plex Server running (streaming Music on some devices). This Server has the IP, is in VLAN100 (Server) and is reachable by all Devices.
    The Problem is, it seems for example my TV ( only recognizes the Server if they are on the same Subnet.
    So my Question: Is there a way the create a virtual IP on VLAN1, for example and link that IP to Plex Servers IP so that my TV on VLAN1 sees the Server as if the server would be on the same Subnet?

    Yes I know, there are also other ways, create or install multiple NICs on the Server, or simply but the Server on the same Subnet etc.
    I just want to know if it would also be possible with virtual IPs / NAT etc?

    THX and BR

  • For External connections:
    Port 32400 is the ONLY inbound port you need be concerned about unless you change the port number in Settings - Server - Remote Access.
    On internal LAN connections, PMS relies on UDP broadcast for clients to find the server UNLESS manually specified in the client.

    You can find some more info here.

  • THX for your help, and thx for the hint with udp, i think this is the problem, since the needed UDP traffic is not forwarded within these subnets.

    From Cisco i remember to configure ip helper addresses, f.e. UDP: 32410, 32412, 32413, 32414.

    ip helper-address
    ip forward-protocol udp 32410 etc…

    is there something similar on pfsense?

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