Help to config multi WAN with WAN1 dedicated and WAN2 general + failover

  • Primary link (most reliable/fastest)
    A dedicated connection to a cloud-based service – this is a single DNS name/IP

    Secondary link
    All other traffic (Web, Email etc)

    If either link goes down, all traffic to route over the active link with 50% of available bandwidth dedicated to the cloud-based service.

    Once the failed link is restored, all traffic to return to normal split operation.

    We have WAN x2 and LAN x1 ports on an Alix box

    We can figure as a two WAN failover, but would appreciate advice on configuring primary WAN for cloud service and then configuring for failure with 50% limiter.  Thanks

  • Just an indication that such a configuration is possible with pfsense would be extremely helpful.  Thanks

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