Using two DHCP obtained IPs

  • Hey. My ISP allows me to lease two ips from them. How do i configure pfsense to lease two Ip's?

    I want to use one as a 1:1 nat for a game server that needs a public IP. I have done it when i get a block of IPs that I know, but this IP will be dhcp leased and most likely random from my ISP pool.


  • Currently, the only supported method is to put another little router in to get the other DHCP address and have it forward all of it's traffic to pfsense.

  • Ah damn. ok thanks for the info!

    i guess maybe a switch between the modem that feeds two nics in the pf sense would work too…

  • Yeah, that's what I do, but you can't do any load balancing or failover because the default gateway's will be the same IP address which isn't supported. It works well just for the extra address though.

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