Odd Issue with DSL

  • So I have been having issues on and off with my DSL connection through frontier for a while now, and today noticed some really odd behavior that I hope you guys can help me with.  I have a Netgear D220D modem from frontier, it is configured in Bridged Mode.  I have a pfsense uFW box running behind it, and it has PPOE configured on the WAN interface.

    I am using uptime robot to help me, but I am getting periods where the DSL line is going offline for minutes at a time, and then coming back.  There is no one home, and the only things using the internet when we aren't home are 2 Nest thermostats and an Amazon Fire TV.  I've confirmed through bandwidth reports that we aren't using a lot of data, so my first thought was that there is a line quality issue.  I've had Frontier to the house several times, and they have confirmed they have great signal and that my local node isnt at capacity.

    I noticed something today, when I went to remotely login to my firewall, that I got prompted for login to the Netgear DSL modem, and not the PFSENSE box.  That's odd as the NetGear is in bridged mode, and the PFSENSE answers on port 443.  I noticed because I tried to login, after I got an alert from Uptime Robot that the site went down.  I also have Remote Administration disabled on the Netgear but I can access it from home and work right now.

    I had originally disabled the gateway monitoring/reset action on PFsense as it seemed like it was recycling my connection fairly regularly, but now I'm thinking the PFSENSE box my actually somehow be the issue.

    Anyone have any suggestions or advice?

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