DHCP6 lease hostname not registering in DNS (unbound)

  • i'm running 2.3.4 with unbound dns resolver and i';ve been playing with lan-only IPv6
    the DHCP6 service is issuing leases and i can see those hosts in the DHCP6 Lease table. all looks good apart from the fact it doesnt register a hostname and thus i'm unable to use 'ping6 $hostname' on clients.

    the IPv4 side of my system works as expected and the DHCP settings for both 4 and 6 are identical so i'm not sure where else to look.

    i've seen some not-too-recent reports of DHCP6 hostnames not being registered in the past on forums and bug trackers but nothing thats been updated or marked as solved… so i'm not quite sure if there is still a problem or just something up with my config.

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