DNS Forward: DC is accessed through (slow) tunnel

  • Hi Forum.

    I hope you can help me out. Here's my issue:

    My Windows DC is located outside my country and is accessed through a (kinda slow) tunnel. I "have" to use it as DNS, so i can communicate with the other computers in the domain, but it also handles all internet DNS lookups. I have a local DNS server, which is much, much faster.

    Isn't it possible for me to use the Windows DC DNS for local lookups (other computers, DC's, printers) and the local DNS for internet?
    If yes: Please tell me how to set this up - i've been trying everything in my pfSense. Tried "DNS Forwarder" and "DNS Resolver" - added the host overrides and domain overrides - but no due.

    If my local DNS is set up as "primary", i can't access any of the other computers in the network using name resolving.

    Please, tell me this is possible. Otherwise, i will have to put up an additional DNS server locally, with some Linux-thingy which seperates the DNS queries - i was just 100% sure that the pfSense could do this :-(

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