• Hello

    I am posting this on behalf of my colleague. So not sure if I am posting in correct section. ( I am a not IT guy)

    So here is our problem.

    We are using pfsense version 2.3 as firewall. We are trying to connect external server via VPN.
    We are getting Error on windows box - error 789 -L2TP connection attempt failed

    Our setup is as below

    Static IP – PFSense Ver2.3  -- Switch -- Windows system and L2TP VPN Client

    We are able to connect to external VPN server from Windows system.( without pfsense firewall )

    We have tried following :

    1. Configured this setting as per MS advise:

    2. Allow all traffic from Windows system towards the Internet by configuring any - any rule
    3. Tried capturing traffic on pfSense box, but no traffic is seen from Windows system towards VPN server

    Can anybody help?

  • It is quite a complex thing to do if you are not used to IT.  Have you followed the L2TP instructions in the PFSense Book?  If you buy that or can get it for free with your hardware, then try that first.  The full instructions are in it, apart from a single crucial step which is undocumented, and that is to allow your network to accept PING.  https://forum.pfsense.org/index.php?topic=1933.0

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