How many VLANs can I create? I need ~70 VLANs.

  • Hi - I maintain a network for a hotel and they would like to offer internet access to each room. Some rooms have multiple ports which will be on the same VLAN. There will be approximately 70 Vlans.

    I know the SonicWall PRO 4060 can support up to 200 VLANS. It is a legacy device that can be picked up for about $2,500 - but that's still too expensive. Because of PFSense's price, it's looking very tempting compared to a $2,500 - 5,000 firewall.

    What challenges might I run into? Has anyone done this? What type of hardware should I use to ensure quality.
    My budget for hardware is $500-1,000. It does not even need to fit a rack. A tower would suffice.

    Thanks everyone!

  • Technically you could have 4093 VLAN's.
    So 70 VLAN's wouldnt be a problem.

    However, if you have such a lot of interfaces the gui can become a bit clogged.

    About what hardware:
    It basically comes down to how much bandwidth you want to push and if you want to use packages.

    I did once a bit more than 50 VLAN's and didnt have much of a problem.
    Depending on what traffic you expect you could split the VLAN's on multiple real interfaces.
    (I had 5x 1Gbit)

  • Here are some interesting news regarding Sonicwall:

  • Thanks for the information! The article re SonicWall is crazy. I love open source :-)

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