Problems with HA and CARP

  • Hello,

    I have 2 PFSense boxes in my branch, two months ago the main box presented routing problems (something in the operating system that I could not understand clearly) and it was reinstalled, I left the secondary box in production I reinstalled the primary box and synchronized with the secondary , after this procedure I configured the newly formatted box to primary, I successfully performed failover tests.
    Two days later, I restarted the primary box, after the boot the CARP IPs did not migrate completely were half the primary box and half in the secondary box (according to figure), I suspect that the synchronization from the secondary to the primary generated some problem but I could not find Nothing concrete has anyone had a similar situation?

    Sorry for bad English.

    PFSense 2.3.3 amd64



    2 x Lenovo TS 110 Xeon 3.30GHz | 16GB RAM | 500GB of GEOM Mirror Disk Enabled | Intel Quad Port I350T4

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