DNS config on pfsense

  • Hello,

    I have pfsense and there is no DNS configuration yet. We have VPN that we use to connect to various services internally.

    1. With wifi on and connected to vpn then i can access everything
    2. With wifi on and when I plug in ethernet cable (VPN is already connected) and then i cannot access anything thats on VPN (internal services). If I disconnect and connect vpn then I can access internal services.

    So it seems like when i switch network (from wifi to ethernet) vpn is not upgrading the DNS IP. Currently the work round is disconnect VPN client (Tunnelblick) and then connect back, but this can be a problem for users who have to move around the building.

    How do i know DNS IP is not updating:

    I use mac OSX so if I look into: 'cat /etc/resolv.conf' I see IP when I connect to VPN and run this rerun this command I see and things work.
    When I plug in ethernet cable, this file update to It means the laptop is not updating DNS entry.

    fyi - wifi (AP's) are connected to our switch and there is no VLAN (its a flat network)

    Not sure if this is a pfsense issue, as in if I have to add DNS entry so that when someone connects via ethernet then laptop auto add this settings?

    I tried flushing cache from terminal but no joy. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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