Multi-WAN with two ADSL connections with same Next-Hop Router

  • I have two ADSL connections that are currently on separate OpenWRT routers.  They are both with the same provider and both have the same subnet and Next-Hop router.  I primarily use one for work and one for family by pointing different hosts at different OpenWRT routers via DHCP.

    I'd like to be able to configure everything on one pfSense box and give preference based on source host, but also have fail-over in the case of one ADSL connection going down.

    In scanning the forums I only found one reference to this situation from 2012 implying that I would need to choose different next-hop routers for Multi-WAN.  Is that still the case?  Will this configuration otherwise work OK with 2.4.x?

    Is there any way to use an SG-1000 with this configuration or would I need to move up to an SG-3100?



  • im saying this as a experienced linux user with multi-wan implementations with loadbalancing (round robin connection) or failover. It doesnt matter if you have the same subnet and gateway on each wan interface you had, as long as each wan interface have their own unique IP then you will be fine.

    not sure about freebsd (or pfsense if you want to call it with that) im only using my pfsense for a single fiber connection i had, in the past I used to have 3 DSL connections which is actually much cheaper to have instead of getting a speed upgrade and they do all work fine on OpenWRT.

  • have to have unique gateways but pppoe works but have been told its not supported

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