Trying to configure Lan and Wireless as one network

  • I want both LAN and WIRELESS to be able to see each other. My Plex server is on the LAN and my Wifi devices cant see the server.

    igb2 WAN
    igb1 LAN -
    igb0 Wireless -

    How do I configure pfsense to bring 2 interfaces together, Bridge?

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Would not suggest bridge unless you have no possible other recourse.

    Devices do not need to be on the same layer 2 to use plex..  I access my plex server from any vlan/network I want to allow it from by opening up 32400 from that network to the plex servers IP.. Then just access your plex server direct via its local name or IP.

    If you just want your wireless to be on your lan network - just plug your AP into your switch that your lan is connected to.

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