Importing nanobsd config (2.2.6) to full 2.4 install?

  • For whatever reason, my nanobsd install never caught the 2.3 upgrade, and now that nanobsd is deprecated I need to look at my upgrade path. I did find an image file for 2.3.2, so I could theoretically go to that, and then follow the upgrade instructions from there; however, I was wondering whether it would be feasible to do this instead:

    • Export my config to USB (along with other stuff like certificates) from 2.2.6 nanobsd

    • Swap out my current 8GB SSD for a cheap (and vastly under-provisioned) 60GB SSD

    • Do a clean install of pfSense 2.4

    • Import config into 2.4 as well as certs and other supporting files

    Does anyone know if this can be done, and if there are any caveats?

  • You should just be able to backup the config, install clean and restore the config.

  • Awesome, thanks! Wasn't sure if there might be any incompatibilities or caveats importing a config from an older version of the nano distro into the current/full distro.

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