AutoConfigBackup is dead with 2.4.x?

  • After upgrading to 2.4.0 I checked my Auto Configuration Backup and it's saying that "Sorry, no backups could be located on for this hostname" - my hostname hasn't changed, all I did was upgrade.  If I "Backup Now" it says "Backup completed successfully" but the restore tab says that no backups exist.  I initially though that my Gold subscription had expired but I just got an email today say that it expired in November.

    I generally only bother with the AutoConfigBackup service when I'm working on the firewall so I don't know exactly when it stopped working but it's dead as a door nail now.  The "stats" tab says "Sorry, status information could be located on for this account" too.  The settings page hasn't changed - there's been no reason to change anything there in years.

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    No problems I'm aware of on 2.4.0, and it works here on 2.4.x test systems I have. Contact our support crew and we can look into that with you.

  • Thanks - turns out the problem is between the user and the keyboard (LOL) - I had changed my forum password in August and not realized that the same account controlled the Auto Backup.  Resetting the password in the Auto Backup has fixed this.

    However, note that I was getting a notification that the Backups were successful even though nothing was getting saved - you might want to look into this.  It would have been useful if the AutoBackup setup page included a verification that the data entered (access password) was functional when it was entered.

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