VmWare Package - 1.2 Release but can't see it?!

  • I was reading this http://doc.pfsense.org/index.php/Open_VM_Tools_package and as I was running pfSense under ESXi I thought I'd install the VM Ware Tools package. However when I go into the packages list, it's not there. I thought maybe I had installed it and forgot, but it's not in the installed packages list either. Also the test to see if you have it installed (listed on the doc page above) doesn't show it running.

    Is it available for 1.2 or just 1.2.1 (the docs entry doesn't say so I assume it's available for both).

    Any help appreciated.

  • Anybody have an answer to this?

    I'd imagine it would be a pretty straightforward 'yes it's available in 1.2' and i can then look at why it's not available or 'no it's not available in 1.2'.

  • This is the post for you :)

  • @GruensFroeschli:

    This is the post for you :)

    I assume from that it's only available as a package in 1.2.1? :-)

    I tried to go to the doc page mentioned in my first post and create an account in order to edit the doc to make it clear that this is only available for 1.2.1 and upwards. However the only option is to log in, not to create an account! Could some kind soul please edit this page to make it clear which version(s) it applies to?

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