Roll back from latest Devbuild (2.4.2a Oct-26)

  • Is it possible to roll back from the latest development build to the previous one? I guess now is probably a poor time to request such a feature. Is there a way I can fix this without re-installing PFsense 2.4.0 from scratch? The machine boots up properly up to the point of the second menu but falls to a login# immediately after the "success tune" is played. Some error messages seem to be talking about unknown characters in "" file (and some other ones above). Presumably, all files associated with this ill-fated update that has crippled my little home network.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    At the moment, it's not possible. If you installed using ZFS, you could leverage snapshots to get that effect but we do not yet have anything in place to do that automatically.

  • It just so happens that I did install using ZFS. However, I did not take any snapshots beforehand so I guess I'm screwed there as well… I wonder, is there a way to upgrade again from the local console "over" the non-working version to the next development update? That is to say, would it be possible (and equally as important, easy for a newcomer) to grab the update from another machine connected to the network, throw it on a USB and then run the upgrade on the locally accessible PFsense box? I figure maybe subsiquent upgrades might "patch over" the issue.

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