NPt not working in 2.4.0/1 for (icmpv6)packets originating from pfsense self

  • Has anyone else observed NPt not working correctly for packets originating from pfsense box self?

    After upgrade to 2.4.0 (and I have also tried with 2.4.1) I noticed that Gateway monitoring shows all IPv6 gateways as Offline. Dumping traffic on our IPv6 router side I noticed that the ping6 gateway test packets are coming in with source address in the fc00::/7 range and not with the public address.

    Logging in to pfsense console and pinging any ipv6 host I can see from the dumped traffic that the first packet in the ping series (seq 0) comes with correct public IPv6 address as the source and all the following (seq 1…x) are sent by pfsense using the private fc00::/7 as source.

    Networks behind pfsense work as expected and their ipv6 connectivity is not affected and NPt works just as expected.

    Any ideas, settings or changes that could cause this?

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