Loosing network connection

  • Every once in a while, sometimes after a couple of days, other times after a few weeks, I loose network connectivity on my pfsense box.

    I posted about it here as well:

    I've had crashes too, but those no longer seem to be happening.

    The box is headless and once it looses its network I don't have a monitor/keyboard to troubleshoot on the box itself. Often I am not home and the only option is to have someone at home pull the power and boot it back up.

    I really need to try and fix this, but I need some help finding or enabling the right logging to be able to do so.

    I am now leaving a monitor and keyboard attached in the hopes that when it happens again when I am home, I can troubleshoot.

    Another problem is that I am often under pressure to get it back up since I am running a game server that a dozen-or-so players depend on. Going down too often or for too long and I'll loose players.

    I would really appreciate some help with this.


  • Set the game server up inside of a DMZ, open and forward ports to that server and then it should running well.
    The other thing no one is able to help you is the following;

    • to less RAM in it and DHCP or DNS entries must be cached and for caching they must be stored!
    • to much num.qeues for each NIC
    • to less mbuf size or not adequate tuned
    • PowerD is not enabled and the cpu frequency is not scaling up if more power is needed it is nailed (to let us say 500MHz)
    • a competitor is DDoS your WAN port or Server and then all players should change to him and his server
    • a clan is bouncing to your server that it is going down as a "thank you" for a loosing game part or play against your players
    • your ISP is trotting down the entire throughput due to a reached limitation (some ISPs are doing so)
    • Your pfSense box is not right sorted to handle that WAN load proper and lead it to the server because to many players are active

    You pfSense box could be reached over VPN and/or SSH from the outside and from the LAN side it might be
    able to get connected over the WebGui or Console.

  • Thanks for your reply.

    I'll come up with a proper reply but right now I am really busy and don't have the time to get into all the things you bring up.

    I'll come back to it in a few days.

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