Weird behavior with 6rd, radvd, wan interface

  • I'm running pfsense 2.4.1 on a mini intel server (em nics) but noticed these issues on earlier versions as well.  I'm hoping someone else might be seeing the same thing before I open up a proper bug to track this.

    My ISP is and uses 6rd for IPv6.  LAN interface is set to track the 6rd tunnel.    I've noticed the following oddities since setting it up (for a year or so now).

    1.  Any link failure on wan while set to autodetect for link speed/duplex results in the webui and SSH becoming unresponsive.  SSH connections can be made but are quickly dropped.  The firewall must be rebooted from cli if you aren't lucky enough to log in and issue the reboot option before disconnect.  This also happens if you save the wan connection information,  when you tell it to apply changes the interface changes.

    2.  radvd doesn't start up and assign addresses at boot (seems fine after setting WAN speed/duplex statically).  For some reason at boot,  radvd will show running, but it refuses to hand out v6 addresses until it is bounced.

    3.  IPv6 default gateway is not present after reboot (wan interface in auto or static speed/duplex).  I have to go into the wan interface,  save settings,  and apply them to get the default v6 route to populate.  What's also a little interesting to me is that the v6 DNS servers I specify have individual route entries.

    Is anyone else noticing similar issues at all?  Can anyone suggest a way to script #2 and #3 to happen automatically after the system boots?

  • I too use and their 6rd. I haven't noticed your issue #1 but I too have issues 2 and 3. For issues 2 and 3 after a reboot all I do is go to the wan settings page and click save without changing anything. This seems to get ipv6 working throughout the network.

    I was having the problem with earlier 2.3.x builds but it stopped happening on 2.3.3 or 2.3.4 (can't remember which one fixed it for me). I recently clean-installed pfSense with 2.4.0 and have also updated to 2.4.1 and since going to 2.4.x the issue happens again.

  • don't know if this will make any difference but I am using mac spoofing on my wan connection?

  • If your IPv4 WAN address is static it might be worth a try to make your IPv6 LAN address static rather than tracking.

  • Wan is not static,  when this happens 6rd appears to be up and the Lan hands out valid v6 addresses just no routes are assigned.

    I've also been noticing issues with other things.  I got the kids a switch for Xmas and had to set up a hybrid outbound NAT rule but it only works for awhile and then I have to go back in and edit/save to get the switch connectivity working again.

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