Resolving of windows server network name

  • Hi there,
    I have a problem since yesterday, and maybe you can help me with that.
    In my network structure, I have a LAN ( and a VLAN ( The machines on the VLAN are not connected to internet and its purpose is only to prepare and dump windows machines (So, windows PE and later PXE network boot).
    The problem I have is that the machines on the VLAN have IPs (either assigned by PFsense or Windows Server, does not change much here), correct DNS resolution (I can ping my Windows Server and PFsense from the Windows PE, by name, as well as by IP. The resolution is done with Windows server), but somehow Windows PE does not find the "network name".

    Problem :
    On my windows server I can access to "\NET_NAME", but from Windows PE, I can not access it. I dug a bit and I think (as I am not a windows expert) that it has something to do with the WINS server, I did set the WINS ip as my Windows server but it does not change anything.

    The Windows server has 2 ips, one for the LAN and one for the VLAN.
    If you have any idea why I cant connect the network…

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