Wireless AP & pfSense

  • Hi all, currently running 2.3.4 on an old desktop. Setup is as follows: Modem -> pfSense desktop -> dumb switch (fast, not gigabit), from dumb switch to:

    • personal desktop
    • Plex server
    • powerline Ethernet adapter that is used for hardwiring an Xbox One
    • a wireless access point

    My issue is that I'm constantly having to reboot the router. I'll come home and connect to WiFi, but there's no internet access. PfSense is a ting as the DHCP server, which is disable on the router with a static IP.

    Where do I start looking for the problem?

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    When you say reboot the router you mean pfsense?  Or something in front of pfsense?  Your AP?

    What is not working for internet access?  Dns.. Can you access pfsense?  What does pfsense show for its wan connection?  Did it loose its lease?  What do the logs in pfsense say?

    You say modem, did you mean router?  What device is that - is that what your rebooting?

    Need some more details of exactly what your rebooting and why without doing any sort of troubleshooting to what exactly is not working..

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