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  • A site of a current client went out from the SonicWall problems recently and they wanted to rip out SonicWall once and for all…done.  I have two interfaces on this new pfSense 1.2 firewall - external (EXT1) and internal (LAN1).  Internal range of 192.168.3.x - LAN1.  They want a third interface (LAN2) on this firewall because the SonicWall had a third used for the odd numbered ports on the switch; used for some machines to access Internet and the VoIP phones that was to be implemented soon.  ANYHOW, I just need to add this third NIC with IP range of 192.168.4.x/24; which I will assign via web interface or terminal screen - anything I need to keep in mind or special to do here?


    (1)  What else do I need to do for outbound access on this interface LAN2…to access the Internet?  Or is it just like the LAN1 interface in which it will automatically have outbound access anyhow?

    Thank you for finally replacing those PITA SW!!!

  • For internet access, just add a rule mirroring the LAN rule…from lan subnet, and any for all the other fields.

    Where is your VoIP server located?  Depending on your setup, you may have NAT issues to deal with.  Besides that, should be fairly straightforward...

  • As thekod said: plug NIC in, assign the interface in the webgui (interfaces–>assign), create a firewall-rule for the new interface (firewall-->rules). done.

  • Thank you both…why couldn't SW be these simple and reliable?!

  • PFSense just has some awesome developers.  If you want to say thanks, donate to the project…it lets the people who do the real heavy lifting keep making pfsense even better.

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