Cant log into webGUI

  • Have a problem,

    Have installed this on a VMmachine (pfsence version 1.2.1 RC2) and ti botts on teh vm platform fine. works though a virtual switch for the LAN interface, and assigns the other vmmachines ips though this vswitch. BUT, i cannot log into the web GUI of the pfsence. the ip is set to default ( and the clients on vswitch can ping, and type the addy into firefox, it then prompts for the username and password. I type in u/n admin and password - pfsence but it doesnt work.

    I have reset the webGUI password through the actual pfsence terminal, but it still doesnt work. Also have rebooted all machines on vm side. Help is needed.

    Are there any other logins i could try?  There is nothing else assigning ip's in the vm vswitch, and nothing else on any of the networks in the same ip range that i could be picking up instead of the pfsence firewall.

    Thanks in advance for the help,


  • Well the password is "pfsense" and not "pfsence" ;)

  • ok, thank you very much!! its jsut one of those days today!!!!

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