Random website timeout

  • Hi have recently installed snort and squid per recommended guides on web but am experience intemittent timeouts on some websites loading e.g. technet.microsoft.com and www.suse.com
    Have disabled blocking on snort only monitoring with "connectivity" option set
    Have tried enabling and disabling squid with no help also stopping snort on WAN didn't help
    oddly the www.apple.com website would timeout but it has now ceased to be a problem and can access it
    I have researched this a good bit and found this


    but this suggestion/solution didn't seem to fix it either
    i can try to capture and post alerts but not really sure which ones are valid
    any ideas appreciated.

  • also forgot to mention another behavior that may be connected
    I was unable to download certain (larger) iso from a mirror site (like centos mirrors) but the smaller iso would download
    not sure if that is related timeout or not

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