Gateways for openvpn connections using wrong gateway/monitoring IP

  • I'm load balancing several vpn's, but the monitoring of the gateways isn't working.
    They're all stuck on 0.1ms latency & 0.0% loss, because the gateway/monitoring IP is set to the virtual (local) IP of the corresponding VPN connection. Manually setting the monitoring IP solves this.

    I'm assuming the problem is the vpn interface's IP and it's gateway IP being the same (2nd attachment), but ifconfig output does show the correct gateway (3rd attachment).

    Any ideas? It's probably some setting that I overlooked, but since google couldn't help me I'm asking here.

    PS. Obviously I could give each gateway a manual ip as a quick a fix, but I'd need a reliable IP for each connection. Probably thinking about this way too easily, but I don't really understand why dpinger needs a static route for each monitoring IP, can't you just use a gateway's local IP as a source and have a monitoring IP pool?

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