Any one have troubles with CARP and EM nics

  • I setup a new box with 1.2.1 RC2 for CARP. It only works here when the NIC is set to full auto. My datacenter requires that the NIC be set to 100baseTX full-duplex.

    So I have set the config to
    and restarted.

    does not work in the office now but thought it would be ok at the datacenter.  This is not the case. when manually set, it does not work.

    The issue does not seem to be present in 1.2 Release.
    Can any one else confirm that this is a problem or am I missing something?


    Leaving it on auto is recommended. If it fails it's either a driver or nic issue.
    So switch to Intel.
    a search with the keyword <mediaopt>for more info.</mediaopt>

  • I would love to leave it in auto, but it will not work unless manually set.

    It could be an issue with the NIC driver, but there are issues with Intel NIC drivers also, and they are onboard nics. :(

    I will switch back to 1.2 Release and see if the problem persists.

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