One WAN (gateway) connection, multiple IPs, and two pfSense routers

  • I have been search the forum and google for help on this setup, but I cannot find an answer anywhere.  My goal is to have two completely separate pfSenese routers on same the WAN.  I am not trying to do HA.  Here is an example of my current setup:

    pfSense 1
    virtual IPs:,,,
    NAT setup for two internal networks:
    192.168.1.x and 192.168.2.x

    What I am trying to have is the following:

    pfSense 1
    virtual IPs:,,
    NAT setup for internal networks:


    pfSense 2
    virtual IPs: none
    NAT setup for internal networks:

    I have setup this configuration, but when i power on the pfSense 2, i run in to connection issues with pfSense 1.  Are they not able to share the same GW ?

    Any advice on this is greatly appreciated.

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    Not sure what your doing but you could have as many pfsense as you wanted on the same "wan" network.  As long as they were not using the same IP be it native or a vip on their interfaces connected to this wan network.

    What exactly is this wan network?  What are these pfsenses connected too?  And how?  Do you have a switch connected to a cable modem or something and your ISP has given you say a /29

    Your not trying to clone mac address on these pfsense are you - so that their wan interfaces would be using the same mac?  That would be a problem!

  • Thank you for your reply, I appreciate it a lot.
    To start, i was able to get it to work.
    I knew that you could have multiple routers on the same WAN network. thanks for confirming that.
    My network connection is in the datacenter. we connect directly to the switch with a subnet mask of /28. 
    Both routers had the correct ip addressing and were in the same subnet. 
    Both have unique Mac addresses.
    The only conflict i came across was they had the same hostname.
    But i only discover that after resetting the new router to the factory defaults and going through the configuration wizard.
    thank you again.

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