Interface Assignments - Is it that simple?

  • We have a XG-1540 with a extra 4 port GB network card, giving us a total of 2 10GB ports and 4 1GB ports.

    ix = 10GB
    igb = 1GB

    I my haste I mistakenly setup my network as follows:

    WAN: igb0
    LAN: igb1
    SchoolsInternet: igb2
    SchoolsSecure: igb3
    ConnectToOtherSB: igb4
    OPT4: ix0
    OPT5: igb5
    Management: ix1

    Yes, I setup the management port on a 10GB port, queue the laughing…begin...ok now...

    I don't want to recreate the firewall stuff, so, is it as simple as going into the Interfaces - Interface Assignments and changing the Network ports?  Then move the cables?

    WAN: ix0
    LAN: igb0
    SchoolsInternet: ix1
    SchoolsSecure: igb1
    ConnectToOtherSB: igb2
    OPT4: igb3
    OPT5: igb4
    Management: igb5

  • Yes, it really is that simple  ;D

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Well its a bit more complicated than that..  You should also relabel the cables ;) after you move them..  You wouldn't want billy coming in later and thinking he is unplugging ConnectToOtherSB and he really pulls out the wan cable..

  • I now imagine a firewall with built-in labelprinter :p or maybe those fancy e-ink displays to label everything totally automatically. How cool would that be?

  • How about a poor man's version?
    Put an LCDproc driven display above (or beside for multi port nics)  the card slots on the outside of the case and custom label to your hearts content…...

  • I just liked the way the throws around the word "simple".

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