Reverse UDP Nat Reflection.

  • I have been trying to find a solid answer for this, and it is still unclear to me.

    Been a while since I have had to post something here and my PfSense boxes have been running for years flawlessly in small to large environments. Figured the one I am having problems with is the one I use at home where the gaming happens.

    I am running a game server behind PfSense that uses a few UDP ports. I have them setup correctly with NAT to forward the rules for outside traffic to get into the server, this all works. People can connect with no problems.

    The problem I am having, when I try to connect to my own server from within the same network, it is trying to connect to my outside published IP, this is just the way the game works, I cant tell the game to use the internal IP, it has to see it in the official server list. It cannot connect back to me on my own IP. I suspect this has something to do with NAT reflection but nothing I try works.

    I have tried advanced > Firewall & NAT > set to pure NAT > checked Automatic creation of additional NAT redirect rules from within the internal networks > and checked Automatic create outbound NAT rules that direct traffic back out to the same subnet it originated from.,

    that made no difference. Beyond that I have no idea what I can try.

    [PfSense Build]
    Community edition
    2.4.1-RELEASE (amd64)
    1.8ghz cpu
    4gb ram
    all utilizations are generally below 10% with low traffic throughput

    [packaged installed]
    openvpn client-export
    snort (currently disabled)

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