• Well I am not sure what the heck to do. I have about a dozen pfSense boxes running and I have a problem with snort on everybox.

    System Specs:

    pfSense 1.2RC2
    Dell Power Edge 1750 Rackmount
    Xeon Quad Core 3.06 GHz
    4 Gig of RAM
    3 Gig NIC's Broadcom

    Snort does a very good job blocking, but thats the problem, its doing to good of a job. It will block anything and everything. This is a problem trying to recieve e-mail or access websites that are other venders and know agencies. It will even block venders trying to transfer files or even IP's of people trying to visit our site.

    I am using all default install settings excpet the check box that blocks offenders automatically when an alert is generated. I have reinstalled and removed the package constantly. This is a real pain.

    Right now I have things set to not block offenders when an alert is generated, but from my understanding that is defeating the purpose of snort.

    Any help would be great.

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