Loosing WAN IP every few days

  • Hi guys,

    I've got another one that's bugging me.
    Currently I've got a PFS 1.2 RC4 (built on Tue Jan 15 23:05:07 EST 2008) running on a VMWare ESXi and it seemed to work fine the last few weeks.
    But now every few days (sometimes 2-4) it looses the WAN connection and I have to login and do a renew on the WAN interface.
    I found a similar thread but it's closed.
    Anyway my WAN connection is from an ISP via cable modem. The ISP remembers the MAC address and gives my PFS a static IP address with DHCP and even when I was doing some maintenance if I unplugged the WAN cable as soon as it was plugged back in the connection was reinitialized. So I rang up the ISP and asked them if there was some kind of problem on their end and I was told that there had been some configuration changes or maintenance on their DHCP server but all is working now and that some users with routers had reported that their routers had hung and had to be rebooted every so often. Now since this is not a stupid little box but PFSense I find it stupid that I'd have to renew the connection every few days especially if I'm not there and since before they started playing around it used to work fine so this is a new phenomenon witch has reoccurred twice already.
    Now after reading the above thread I started thinking what if there was some kind of problem on the ISP's side (miss configured DHCP server). They already rebooted the modem by remote and it shows all ok just not getting a reply from the PFS (I'm currently not at the location of the PFS and will get there on Monday but I'm almost 98% sure that it's not a HW failure or even any kind of SW failure).
    Now how would I go along diagnosing if it is a local problem with my PFS or if it is a problem on the ISP's side.
    Any suggestions?
    Now since until I find a solution is there any way I could set up the PFS so that it would reinitialize the WAN connection by it self every so often?
    Anyway thanks for any suggestions and help.


  • Hey,

    I've just logged into PFS and renewed the connection and got back connectivity and it's been working ok for 6 hours. Hope it stays that way now.
    But I'm still not sure how I could check what was the cause of the lose of connectivity.

    Any suggestion on how I could figure it out?

    Bye and good night to everyone

  • Hi,

    well it's back. Same phenomenon dhclient can't get an IP address from the dhcp server.
    Is there any way I could periodically force the connection to renew itself to restore connectivity. The PPPoE has his option but DHCP does not.

    Thanks bye

  • Hey,

    currently the default lease time is 15 days(1296000s) what can I do to tell PFS to renew this lease in a shorter time?
    I'm pretty sure the problem is with the ISP since they've just told me that they're having problems with the DHCP server. But I still have to do renew the connection manually every time and so I would much rather do it automatically every so often.



  • You could setup a cron job to run "dhclient fxp0", replacing fxp0 with whatever your WAN interface is.

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