Group Authentication working/authorization failing.

  • We have an AD Group (PFSenseAdmins).  That group is reflected in our PFSense boxes.  Prior to the latest version, I was able to log in with my AD credentials, and make changes to the systems.  After the upgrade, I can still log into the firewalls, and access all the pages from which to make changes (i.e. SNMP, Firewalls, User Accounts, etc…)  It seems to allow me to make changes, however the changes never "take".  On a screen refresh, the applied changes which were "accepted" and "applied" -- weren't.

    After the upgrade, we now need to log in with an actual "LOCAL" account (i.e.: admin) to actually effect any changes,  -- well at least any of the ones we've tried so far..

    This WAS working prior to v2.4.1.  Post 2.4.1, this is broken.  Please help.

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  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Check your group privileges. You probably accidentally selected everything without checking the list. If you selected "User - Config: Deny Config Write" then it will do what you described. The user cannot make changes to the configuration, so it appears what they do has no effect.

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