Is there anyway to iperf from one pfsense to another across an ipsec/vpn?

  • So I'm trying to test ipsec/throughput of 2 pfsense devices I've built.  One is on a Check Point 4600 box and the other is an i7 pc with a bunch of ram.

    I have the 2 boxes vpn'd across a gigabit switch (in the lab), and I've got a laptop on each respective LAN.  I'm only getting 250Mbps across the link.  I'm wondering if my laptops (which are not very powerful) are skewing the results.  I'm assuming the I7 is faster than the CP box which only has a Pentium Dual Core CPU and no AES-NI, but the spec's on throughput when it's a CP box are pretty high.

    So I was wondering if there was a way to use the built in iperf client/server to test from lan port to lan port.  When I test the devices across the WAN ports I get almost line speed which is great, but what I really want is to be testing the ipsec/vpn with all of it's crypto overhead.  Anyway to do that with the built-in tools?



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