Data Caps - limit monthly usage

  • I've been scouring google and the forums to see if this has ever been address in a simple way, with out a captive portal and scripts.

    Cox has not setup 1TB monthly limits, and I need a simple way within PFSense to stop my family from blowing past that with all the streaming services.  I'd like to just setup a threshold for 80% - email/sms warning etc, as I approach the 1TB mark and get billed another $50.

    Anyone know of a better way to do this?  I'm almost tempted to put a cradlepoint AER1600 in front of offense to do this, but I'd rather keep the setup simple as possible.

  • Anyone know of a better way to do this?

    Get an unlimited plan (assuming one is available where you are) instead of worrying about overages every month.  pfSense won't help you with this AFAIK.

  • I am also trying to maybe get a PFSence working due to Comcast data caps and house full of people that binge Netflix and YouTube.

    An unlimited plan would be awesome, but unfortunately the added $50 a month is not something I can afford for their binging.

    Hoping I can get this SG-2440 setup so I can limit total monthly data per IP address, and maybe also overall total monthly.

    We have a 1TB limit and last month we blew past that by 400 GB because of Netflix.  They gave us a 1 time pass on it because it was the first, but if it keeps happening I'll go bankrupt fast.

    The only other thing I can think of is if you wan to downgrade from PFSense you could get a older router that is listed here and install the Gargoyal Firmware on it.  It does exactly what we are trying to accomplish with ease.


  • AFAIK, FreeBSD/pfSense has no integrated ability to enact any restrictions based on data transferred. You could setup a script to do it.

    Linux (Gargoyle) does have an integrated ability to change firewall/queueing rules based on data transferred. So, for your particular needs, choosing a Linux-based router is probably the easiest path.

  • I googled around the forums and there are some similar projects people have tackled around billing and usage reporting.

    I'm not sure your specific case has been addressed but it's definitely doable with a combination of a custom script or two, cron, and one of the addon packages.

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