Multi-WAN via VLAN

  • Good day,

    I'm having problem with my set-up. I have 5 modems connected to a Layer 3 managed switch each with different VLAN Modem 1=VLAN30 Modem 2=VLAN31 Modem 3=VLAN32 Modem 4=Modem33 and Modem 5=VLAN34. Each port is configured as access port with VIDs mapped to each tagged port.

    In my Pfsense box I have only two NICs. NIC1=LAN and NIC2=WAN. WAN was configured with VLANs  tagged to the switch trunk with the modem VLANs respectively.

    OPT1 to OPT5 obtained an IP via Modem's DHCP but the internet could not passthrough. Firewall rules on each OPT was set to accept any traffic.

    Anything that i missed out?

    Hoping to hear to the experienced PFsense users soon.

    and thank you in advance.

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