HAproxy makes trouble after upgrading to 2.4.1

  • Hi guys

    First, thanks for pfSense, it's a wonderful software.

    In my house, my trusty SG-2220 misbehaved going from 2.3 to 2.4, mostly because I'm dump at FreeBSD  :)

    Then I decided to virtualize, installed pfSense on a NUC running ESXi,- perfect.

    It seems like something is "rotten" ;) running 2.4.1 and HAproxy.

    I have 4 web servers on the LAN (only HTTP), it ran perfectly on the SG-2220 with HAproxy directing the traffic to the different servers.
    No load sharing, it's different websites with different ip's.

    No matter what I do, pfSense makes some strange round-robin-alike loadsharing on the webservers?

    I've been struggling for some days now, trying a lot of setups … HAproxy seems to loadshare between the web servers now, no matter what I do.

    Anyone else having this experience,- and by the way, what happened to "Shared Frontend" button?

  • What does your config look like? It can be seen from bottom of settings tab.

  • Hi BiPa

    Right now,- everything is deleted.  :)

    I tried at least 10 different setups, small variations and much, I had it running for a long time before the new install and upgrade to 2.4.

    No matter what I do, pfSense makes a round-robin on the webservers.

    I will set it up again and post the config, I just got the idea that the problem was in the software.

    Thanks for your answer  :)

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