Iptv/vlan or dmz

  • Hi;
    I have 2 devices 1 laptop user I need to not filter with squid and my iptv from Telus.
    Now I've set up 2 vlans in the interface and set rules etc for the pc user and the IPTV. I need not filter at all the iptv.
    Telus uses private IP address for some stuff and as well for some stuff.
    I've seen a post where a user unchecks block local ip and bogon both boxes on both lan and wan.
    my setup is a dual core amd embeded cpu w 4gig ram and 2 nics.
    I do not have a vlan switch .
    Can I use vlan still or do I just need to DMZ the ip's?

    I'll have to bridge the tm3200 router which I  use a switch between the gpon and pfsense and tm3200 router.

    Later I will want to record from telus  over the network to a  omv server/nas.

    So if someone could help me get the iptv to pass through pfsense it would be nice/helpful.

  • Do you have any reasons to believe that your iptv is broadcasting to your box via http? Because squid only filters http protocol based material. IPTV usually uses unicast or multicast with RTP and/or RTSP.
    I suspect that squid and iptv coexist nicely without you have to do anything whatsoever, but maybe I am missing something here…

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