Probably an easy questin

  • Hello all, thanks for reading
    setting up pfsense for the first time. and having trouble getting traffic to go from LAN to WAN
    went through this and pretty much all is ok.

    from a machine on the LAN port i can
    nslookup ok
    ping WAN ip and WAN Gateway

    can't ping any other external Ip other that

    pinging [] with 32 bytes of data
    reply from ( TTL expired in transit.

    but can ping google dns ( it's my dns server settings dns server for the WAN_DHCP)
    and  i can tracert that ip too

    my lan firewall has two rules  antilockout  and ipv4*  LAN net source  and * everything else. (port gateway destination)

    i am at a loss..
    as learning is the best way forward i want to fix this myself
    just i am struggling to this what to look at next?

    any ideas?

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