2.4.0 does not find upgrade to 2.4.1 *except* on Dashboard

  • Hi,

    I have disabled the Dashboard update check and I wanted to upgrade to 2.4.1 but it doesn't offer it on the "System Update" page, see attached image.

    The only way I can update is through the Dashboard. Correction: Although the update is presented on the Dashboard, when I click on the "cloud download" icon after "Version 2.4.1 is available", I get the same screen, 2.4.0.

    How to fix?


  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Try going to update settings, select Stable if it is not already, and save. Then try again.

  • Stable was selected. I switched it to Development and back to Stable, no change.

  • Could be a DNS problem, or it is a 32Bit install or it is a NanoBSD install, in all cases it will be not showing
    under normal conditions the available upgrade  to 2.4.1

  • I have the same problem…
    when I switch to developpement, on the dashboard it show new version to update, but it steel tell "up to date" in "system update".
    and when I switch back to stable, in "system update", no change, "up to date"!!!!!
    is there some commands to do update from shell?

  • I finaly upgrade to 4.2 with command shell
    login to the box with ssh (user admin pw : ….)
    go to command shell
    type command : "pfSense-upgrade -d"
    it take a long time and finaly the upgrade is done.

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