DNS server on different interface subnet

  • Hi everyone.

    Quick layout of my setup

    1. i'm using dnsresolver within pfsense
    2. general settings i have google dns servers entered
    3. I have 3 interfaces (WAN, LAN, LAN2)
    4. I have 2 dhcp scopes (LAN, LAN2).  Each scope has the local DNS server assigned which resides on LAN one network

    When entering the dns server IP residing on LAN for LAN2 dhcp server scope, the clients residing on LAN2 network stop functioning.  What is the best practice and appropriate LAN rules that I require for LAN2?  I attempted to create LAN2 rule > IP address of dns server on LAN (port 53) but that didn't work.


  • Ensure that Resolver is configured to respond to queries on LAN2.
    For LAN2 DHCP server, leave DNS blank to use the system default which would be LAN2 address.
    For Firewall, add a pass rule for LAN2 net to LAN2 address on port 53.

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