PRIQ Limiting Cross LAN Traffic

  • Hi All,

    I set up PRIQ recently and it's working well. I've only bothered setting it up for my main VLAN, the rest are hardly used or are blocked from the internet etc. However pfsense does do some routing between VLANS, so my main VLAN can access an IP on my second VLAN. The problem is, this traffic is being shaped and limited to my internet speed, even when it's not going out over the internet. How do I avoid this? I want to only shape/limit traffic going out over the WAN.


  • Then modify your floating rules to use WAN instead.  WAN is the default for shaping with floating rules.

  • Thanks for the reply. Am I misunderstanding though? The issue is that VLAN100 in the Traffic Shaping screen has a limit on it which is equal to my download speed - it's this that's limiting the speed of cross LAN communication, so it can't run at 110MB/s and instead is limited to my download speed of around 3MB/s

  • PRIQ does not require bandwidth settings since it is purely priority-based.  Under a PRIQ scheme, there shouldn't be any inter-LAN slowness unless you have major congestion & contention going on.  From the pfSense Book:

    Priority Queuing (PRIQ)

    PRIQ is one of the easiest disciplines to configure and understand. The queues are all directly under the root queue,
    there is no structure to have queues under other queues with PRIQ as there is with HFSC and CBQ. It does not care
    about bandwidth on interfaces, only the priority of the queues. The values for priority go from 0 to 15, and the higher
    the priority number, the more likely the queue is to have its packets processed.

    PRIQ can be harsh to lesser queues, starving them when the higher priority queues need the bandwidth. In extreme
    cases, it is possible for a lower priority queue to have little or no packets handled if the higher priority queues are
    consuming all available resources.

    On my setup where I use PRIQ for our voip phones, I have LAN bandwidth set to 850 Mbit/s, WAN set to 85 Mbit/s because the wizard makes you input those even if they're not used by your chosen shaper.  My shaping rules float on WAN.

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