27.8 C Temperature is it Normal?

  • Hi Guys, I don't know if I am posting in the right section since this is my first time posting any way please do correct me if it is not. We would like to ask if the temperature displaying in the dashboard is normal? We are seeing a 27.8 C temperature and this has been stable for so long even though the left side panel of the case is already open, placed in a room with ac on at 19 degrees, We noticed this since we upgraded to 2.3.4 and added 2 intel pcie nic with 2 gigabit ports each card. Hope to hear from you guys. Thanks.

    Our current hardware specs is:
    desktop i3
    desktop mobo (H81m ASUS)
    8gb RAM
    500gb hdd

    Current running services:
    dhcp server, all 4 lan ports are being used for multiple ISP

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  • Its nice and chilly.  Very good and normal for a system with outstanding cooling.

  • @itdept.tamtech:


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    My guess is your fans are full speed in front of the AC duct.

  • Unplug the fan and run prime95 on it.  See if you even need a fan!  haha
    What kind of heat sink / cooling does it have?

  • Hi Kejianshi

    What kind of heat sink / cooling does it have?
    -stock intel heat sink


  • Must be cold in that room…  Mine is actually near the AC and is about 24 or 25C.  Huge heat sink.  Anyway.  Wont hurt anything.

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  • I'm not sure the concern.  That's a very reasonable temperature for normal usage.  The CPU isn't even warming up until 40C and I wouldn't even look at there being a problem until 50C.  Electronics generate heat.  I bet if you touch that heatsink it doesn't even feel warm.  Is this an actual question or are you just bragging?  Run it at 100% and see what you get for temps.  On the APU2 units I've found that installing Squid and C-ICAP (but not enabling the transparent proxy) and running freshclam to update definitions will peg the CPU for a couple of minutes.  Stay at the command line and run it a few times in a row and you can get a sense of how the temps will change.  (Same thing with Snort/Suricata loading rules.)  There's probably a better way but that's what I've done.

    Also, why all the bumps?  Did you think it was about to die on you at that temp?

  • Intel CPU's don't start self-throttling until 100c and don't shutdown until 110c. I had a GPU that run at 105c-108c while gaming, I played about 6-12 hours of games per day, and I gave that card to my brother after using it for 6 years.

    There are really only two things you want to keep cool in your computer. Your HDs and your memory. That being said, below 50c is pretty much safe for anything and above 70c typically means something is wrong with the cooling. If you can touch the component without burning yourself, it's fine.

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