Cant get VLAN to work

  • Hey all of you pfSense and Networking guru's.  I need some assistance getting VLAN's to work.

    I've got a Poweredge R710 running ESXi 6.5 that handles pfSense and a few other VM's.  I've also got another R710 running ESXI 6.5 that houses a webserver and shortly, FreePBX (I want to run FreePBX on its on VLAN).  In between everything is a Powerconnect 6248 switch.

    I'm having one hell of a time getting a VLAN to work. At first I was thinking its a problem with my powerconnect 6428 but it doesnt apear so as even when I connect to the dedicated port assigned to the pfSense VM for the VLAN, I cant get a connection.

    Here is the current pfSense setup.

    ESXi 6.5 VM with three ports
    Port 1 - WAN
    Port 2 - LAN
    Port 3 - VLAN

    The following is the pfSesne setup.

    VLAN Config

    VLAN Interface Config

    VLAN Interface Assignment

    VLAN DHCP Server Config (configured but wont be used as only one VM will be using this ESXI port - Will be removed after testing is complete)

    VLAN Firewall Rules Config

    What am I doing wrong here?

    I've also got the VLAN configured within ESXi for this to occur.  The ESXi config is below.  (It shows the port is not connected, which is because I have disconnected it from my laptop to connect with I create this post)

    ESXi VLAN Port Group Config

    ESXi vSwitch Config

    ESXi pfSense VM Network Config

    What am I doing wrong here?  I've tried connecting my laptop directly to the network port dedicated to the ESXi vlan on pfSense and cant grab a connection. I cant ping it, it I cant use a static IP address, I cant use the DHCP server configured for the VLAN in pfSense to assign an IP, I've tried changing the ESXi VLAN to 10 from 4095, and no connection gets through.

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