Fresh Install - Can see pfsense box, but can't ssh or web gui - oh, fooey!

  • First post!

    Using AliExpress special - i5 and Intel NIC based box. Install 2.4.1 with no issues. Use defaults. Auto sensing WAN and LAN ports works like a champ. WAN grabs correct IP, LAN gets 192.168.1.x. I have a couple items (OBI Hai box, and WiFi AP) connected so it's doling out IPs. The rub is I can't get into the box via hardwire or wifi (https or ssh - turned on). I can see it, ping it but can't get cuddly with it. I'm bummed.

    Is there something simple in the setup I missed?

    I ran across a post that seemed similar, but can't find it now, that mentioned something about turning off checksum something or other? I'll trying re-installing if I can't find that  post to try.

    Anyone run across something like this?

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