Problem with squid and multiple gateways

  • Hi, I am having a problem with squid and my vpn. I set up squid in forwarding mode and it does SSL filtering. Everything seems to work however I checked what my external IP address is and I also did a packet capture on the WAN interface and I can see traffic from the proxy is not going through the vpn tunnel. I confirmed that all other traffic goes through it however. I have a policy based routing, that goes like this:

    Soure: LAN
    SPort: *
    Destination: !HOMENET
    Dport: *
    Gateway: VPN

    So traffic originating from my LAN that is not destined for the LAN, has to go through the vpn tunnel. So because I'm using a proxy in forwarding mode, the destination for HTTP/HTTPS requests changes to that of my proxy server, which then forwards the requests. So it seems to exclude all the traffic going to or from the proxy. Or something? I barely understand what the problem is. I'm hoping someone can help me with this.

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