I don't know my hardware to well :(

  • Hello everybody!

    I've decided I want to install and use pfSense on my home network.  I got on Craigslist and purchased a used 1U server.  I was excited when I got home to fire it up and get pfSense installed.

    I turned the box on…and WOW....this thing is so loud....There is no way my wife will be ok with listening to this thing lol...

    I'm not sure how to post a video here....or I would show you.

    So I guess my question is...What is a decent and fairly cheap (AND QUIET) 1U server I can buy to load pfSense.  I'm already down $60 on this Craigslist purchase.

    Any input or recommendations are much appreciated. 
    Also, before anyone asks....I really would prefer it be a 1U/Rack-mountable  (possibly 2U)


    EDIT:  Here is a video of the server when I boot it....

    Youtube Video

  • Your question would be better off in the Hardware forum since it's pretty much all about custom builds.

    There are many options.  It really depends what what you need to do, and how much you have to spend.  Have you checked out the Netgate store for official pfSense hardware?  The SG-3100 seems to be quite popular rigth now.  Whatever you get, make sure it has an x64 CPU with AES-NI support or you will be orphaned at pfSense 2.4.

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